Mike’s Dauin Beach Resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental, South of Dumaguete


20 minutes or 12 km from Dumaguete City is the town of Dauin, famous for diving and as the jump-off point for Apo Island. We decided to stay here to enjoy the ocean view.

Mike’s Resort is a small, well-run resort run by Mike Feeney, an American transplant who’s been living in Dumaguete for 9 years. He fell in love with a local girl, decided to settle in, in his words, “Paradise”, and opened his resort 3 years ago.

Mike is an affable guy, who is extremely hands-on in running his small resort. He makes it a point to meet all the guests, and is always happy to strike up a conversation. His commitment to customer service is also very evident by his personal involvement in his guests.


Today Mike’s Resort  is rated #1 of all 6 resorts in Dauin in Tripadvisor.


Mike’s Resort only has 8 rooms, spartan but very clean and fresh-smelling, which is more important to me than a luxuriously furnished yet musty room. Local wicker furniture, bamboo stands, a basic mattress is all that is needed, because one doesn’t really expect to stay indoors here.


The bathroom is surprisingly large, and is generously stocked with 3 rolls of toilet paper, and 3 complete sets of towels. I’m not sure if this is their regular set-up, since we were only 2 in the room. The water pressure, unfortunately, wasn’t too strong, and it took a while to finish a shower.



TV with cable is also available, and a surprisingly FREE and FAST wifi. A comfortable, cozy resort with technology at your fingertips. Nice.

Mike also has a bar and restaurant in the resort, so you don’t have to go far to get a bite to eat. Dinner was buffet style, with an enormous grilled fish (a dorado, or mahi-mahi in the local language), with pancit (noodles), salad, rice, and fresh fruits.




The pool is  well-kept, and a nice size for just lazing around, with a kiddie pool at the side.


Like all resorts in this area, Mike’s caters mostly to divers (though other sports like mountain biking and hiking are available), and PADI Dive courses are available. They promise to “have you in the water in no time”. Apo Island is only 45 minutes away, and Mike’s is equipped with a private boat to take you there.


To visit his website, go here.

IMG_2672As a final anecdote illustrating Mike’s hospitality, Mike lent us his very own car to bring us to the airport when the taxi we hired showed up 2 sizes too small for our family. Mike was there to see us off, and to make sure all was well.

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