HK Art Fair 2012

A trip to Hong Kong’s much anticipated Art Fair was a convenient excuse for 7 women to get away for an indulgent weekend. Indulgent because not only did we stay in the Four Seasons, but we also lined up a series of serious eats. While the Art Fair was (supposedly) the primary reason why we were going, it was looking more and more like a foodie trip.

My confession: I am an art imbecile. Unfortunately I am one of those that cannot appreciate anything I can’t recognize, and my knowledge of art borders on nothing. I even took a summer class in art appreciation in Fordham many, MANY years ago just to  improve my (lack of) knowledge, but it didn’t do much good. But I do have an open mind, and a love for learning, so I was looking forward to my weekend of art and culture. And food. Yes, mustn’t forget that.

We were lucky enough to snag a couple of VIP passes, which essentially let us in a few days before the general public, as well as allow us access to the VIP lounge. So registering and getting in wasn’t a bother at all.

So here are a few pictures I snapped of random pieces and installations. There were huge halls of art works, so don’t think that these pictures are even remotely representative of what was shown.

This was one of my favorite pieces.

Up close, you can see that the faces were actually made from puzzle pieces. Cool, huh?

This ship is from the same artist (my apologies….I didn’t get the name).

Being a Beatles fan, this one of course caught my eye.

And up close……the lyrics of certain songs!

Same method for Darth Vader.

Now I had to take a picture of this……

I don’t want to sound flippant, but I have a lot of these in my apartment building. 🙂

This piece, made of pink sweaters, caught a lot of attention. I won’t get too detailed in the description though. But if you’re curious what these are supposed to represent, feel free to make a comment, with your email, and I can elaborate. 🙂

And there were a lot of them too!!

There were pieces from the great masters, such as Picasso. I wonder how much they were going for.

Definitely this Art Fair is for the serious collectors and not duffers like me. But I would definitely go again next year!

For those who want to read more about the Art Fair, click here.

Beijing: Summer Palace

Our guide Emmet insisted that we see the Summer Palace, even though we were all a little tired from our day of sightseeing. It is a beautiful royal park, set beside a scenic lake, and many people, locals included, visit this tranquil place to enjoy boating activities, or just to stroll around.

Emmet starts our tour, as all good guides should, with a map of the area, so that we could get our bearings, and see exactly where we were going (and not going). Since we didn’t have enough time to go around the entire lake, Emmet had to give us the abridged tour.

The lake is the centerpiece of the Summer Palace, and is encircled by a well-paved road. This is a beautiful walk for the visitors, and leads to the palace proper.

On the lake are pedal boats for rent, so that families can enjoy paddling out on the lake.

Adding to the beauty of the lake were the many lilies and lotuses that framed the shore.

For the ones who prefer something less strenuous than paddling, one can take this boat.

There were also Beijing’s version of “street performers” along the path. One of them demonstrated his skill in calligraphy by writing complicated chinese characters with his “water brush”.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what these characters mean, so my apologies if they’re inappropriate in any way. 🙂

At the palace proper, we could view the various rooms from the outside only.

Here are my folks peering into one of the bedrooms.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of the Summer Palace is the Long Gallery, a 728m long corridor decorated with paintings of historical events and beautiful places. Source

For more history and details about the Summer Palace, you can try this website.