Welcome to Canberra!

C was sent to Canberra on assignment, so of course I insisted on accompanying him! I’ve never been to Canberra (not exactly on my radar), but I’m never one to turn down 1) travel 2) travel with C 3) travel to a new, interesting place.

We flew to Canberra from Sydney, so we got to see Sydney’s Domestic Airport. As expected, its a Qantas airport. And very beautiful and light-filled.

The first thing thing that struck me is that Sydney installed “self-check-in” terminals.

Passengers can check-in just by inputting their reference number. They can also check-in with their companions, print boarding passes AND baggage tags, so the whole process is very efficient!

After you check-in, print your boarding passes, and tag your bags, you bring your bags to the bag drop-off!

For us, we had to go to the Oversized Bags because of the cameras of Nathan.

Only the Business Class gets the serviced check-in line.

At the gates, there was a nice selection of retail stores, from clothes, food, to travel essentials. C even found his favorite Krispy Kreme!

The plane to Canberra was a 2 propeller plane. This picture was taken as we were descending, so you can get some idea of what Canberra looks like in June (their winter) from above: very bare and brown.

Welcome to Canberra! It wasn’t as cold as we expected (though we expected sub-zero weather. My guess was that it was a balmy 10 degrees).


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