Paddy’s Market in Sydney

My friend asked me to get her a bracelet (thin, leather kind) from Sydney, and I wanted to get her something that was characteristic of Australia. I was thinking of some kind of Aboriginal bracelet, so I looked at the guidebooks to see where I can get Aussie handicrafts.

The guidebook pointed me out to Paddy’s Market, which fortunately was walking distance from our hotel. It was located in a big complex called Market City, right next to a Light Rail Network station.

See Paddy's Market's green sign?

Paddy’s Market, staying true to its name, even had a fresh produce section, where boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables were being crated in (I apparently got there quite early, and products were just being delivered).

Gorgeous fruits and vegetables!

Paddy’s Market reminded me of our divisoria, where you had a lot of stalls that sold a lot of made in China stuff. I saw a lot of cheap shades, jewelry, clothes, hats, and Aussie souvenir items (like Aboriginal crafts and boomerangs!). I even saw Uggs!

I finally saw a stall that sold the kind of bracelets I was looking for. Leather braided strips, but for that Aussie touch……..

….a baby shark’s tooth!

The owner of the stall was a charming man who eagerly agreed to my request for a picture. In fact, he insisted of having a picture with me!

Holding my hand was his idea!

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