The Sydney Fish Market Part 2: Doyle’s

Doyle’s is a pretty popular restaurant in Sydney. They started with a branch in Watson’s Bay in 1885, and have since then opened more branches. Here’s their link

This branch is in the Sydney Fish Market, which is logical, since Doyle’s is famous for its seafood.

I was craving for steamed mussels, and I saw it on their menu! Unfortunately, it was only 10:15am, and the sign said Doyle’s opened at 11am, and that was the time I had to leave to go back to the hotel! Curses!

However, as luck would have it, the friendly waitress (Mimi was her name) saw my disappointed face, and asked the chefs if they could just whip up the steamed mussels just for me.

Mimi is Doyle's secret weapon

Lo and behold!

Steamed mussels in white wine sauce, garlic bread, and a glass of sauv blanc!

Let me tell you, Aussies are really such nice people!

One more picture with Mimi and the Mussels. Doesn’t that sound somewhat like an ’80s band?

Mimi and the Mussels

And here’s the aftermath!

A clean sweep. Even the garlic bread was demolished.

I must admit, I would have preferred mussels without the white sauce, but hey, they opened up the restaurant for me, so I can’t complain! The mussels (Tasmanian, of course!) were tender. Not rubbery or tough. So I was more than happy.

After my mussels, I just had to go over to the kitchen and thank the chefs!

I really do appreciate it when the service staff go the extra mile for a customer, and I always make sure to thank them, so that they know their extra service was appreciated. Of course, I tipped them well, as well!

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