The Sydney Fish Market Part 1: Getting There

One of my best discoveries this trip was the Sydney Fish Market. If you like fresh seafood, and want to get it cheaper than most restaurants in Sydney, then the Fish Market is the way to go.

Getting there was a breeze, since the Fish Market is considered to be one of more popular spots in Sydney. I took the Light Rail Network (LRN), which is basically the tram system of Sydney.

The Fish Market is one of the stops of the LRN, so it was very convenient. You get your ticket from the conductor on the tram, so you don’t have the dilemma of having exact change. The tram is also very clean and comfortable, with wheelchair access and handicapped seating. What can you expect from a first-world country!

Silent and sleek. The Light Rail Network is a great way to see part of Sydney!

The conductor was nice enough to chat with me regarding what else to see in Sydney, where my stop was, and his recommendations for Canberra (my next destination). I guess it was a pretty slow afternoon for him to be this chatty.

Clear signs to the Fish Market were posted all over, so its hard to lose your way. As I said, its a pretty popular destination, for both locals and tourists.

As I said, you can’t get lost!

Next entry: Doyle’s of the Sydney Fish Market

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